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Family Involvement & Community Engagement Programs

COVID19 Family Resiliency Tools and Zooms


Our lives have changed.
We've had to step into our role as our child's first teacher, again.

To support your journey, AUSD aims to provide families with tools to build skills and knowledge; to connect with community resources; and to enhance a family's self-confidence to do the best they can do to support our youth through this pandemic.

Families are encouraged to participate (or review) the following resources to support their parenting and guiding process:

Distance Learning: Together We Can Do This! September 16

Family Learning Conference, August 24th and 25th

Promoting Literacy at Home: Tips for Parents and Guardians, May 7

Guidance Principles for supporting Tweens and Teens During COVID19, May 4

Managing Stress & Anxiety During Shelter In Place, April 23

Distance Learning Tips for Families, April 16


Message from Claudia Medina, Coordinator, Family Involvement & Community Engagement Programs


AUSD provides families with educational conversations and workshops that support their parenting journey through the childhood and adolescent years.

To support your child's social-emotional growth, academic development, and college readiness, we offer School Smarts (for elementary parents and guardians) and Parent University (for middle school parents and guardians).  To support you in role as a parent/guardian, we offer our Family Enrichment Speaker Series in partnership with PTA Council featuring expert guests and community conversations related to raising strong and confident children.

You can learn more about these programs on this page.
Please join us! We welcome your engagement and enthusiasm! For questions regarding Family Involvement & Community Engagement Programs, please feel free to send us email at

Parenting Greatly! (pilot program for AUSD)

A Four-Week Series of Modern and Intentional Parenting & Schooling Conversations.

Come and gain practical knowledge and positive evidence-based practices for raising the most technologically sophisticated generation of all time… in a time of high need for connection, inclusion, and public school advocacy.

We are launching pilots for two of our great schools. Be on the look out for your site schedule in 2020.

Programs to Support Your Child's Academic Achievement and Preparation

School Smarts for elementary parents and guardians is designed to support families on how to navigate the public school system. Research tells us that two important characteristics will influence a child's long-term academic success: a parents' ability to navigate the public school system, and a parents' clear communication of high expectations of their children. These workshops are free and include childcare and dinner. Come and learn about your child's development, what they will learn in school, and the important role you play in today's public education system. Plus, you will meet other amazing people on this journey with you. Come and make lifelong friends!

Schedule: AUSD is currently piloting a parenting and schooling series of conversations (above), based on family feedback we will roll our the program to other school sites in 2020.

Past School Smarts Multilingual Programs (English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Vietnamese)

Parent University for middle school parents and guardians is part of a college-going framework that includes increasing College Aspirations, College Knowledge, and College Planning. 
These parent/guardian workshops were created by the UC Berkeley Center for Educational Partnerships for the Alameda Unified School District and were tailored by staff of the Parent Involvement & Community Engagement Program and AUSD academic counselors to meet the specific needs of our parent populations. View our general program outline (PDF). Your adolescent is growing up in this digital age, and our parenting style has to adjust and calibrate. Tweens/Teens need our support to navigate their social- emotional life in middle school AND also have the critical academic conversations for their future.
Come join us, you are not alone!

Programs to Support Parent/Guardians

Alameda Family Enrichment Speaker Series

From navigating our digital era, to raising socially and emotionally responsible young people, these community conversations feature experts on the best ways to raise confident and compassionate children.  Click for upcoming events or to get on our mailing list.


The educational series builds upon families’ strengths by providing parents with the information, skills, and principles essential to support our children's ability to make informed decisions, gain life prep skills, and become mindful and responsible citizens. 

Past events have included:

  • Screentime: A Conversation with Common Sense Media Experts
  • Teen Mental Health Wellness
  • Marijuana and the Brain
  • Adolescent Sleep and Mindfulness 
  • ANGST Film Screening | Anxiety disorders are real, common and treatable 
  • Taming Your Inner Procrastinator 
  • Raising Resilient Teens
  • Decoding Teen Behavior
  • How to Talk with Your Kids About Sexual Harassment
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Positioning Black Families for Parent Involvement Success
  • Raising Kids with Emotional Intelligence
  • SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age
  • Family Tech Talk
  • Is that Me Yelling?

Upcoming COVID19 Family Resiliency Sessions:

SCREENAGERS: The Next Chapter
Thursday May 21, 2020 online screening

THRU JUNE 5th-- You can view the film and Q&A with Dr. Ruston, register here.

The film will support our parenting roles in Uncovering Skills For Stress Resilience. We will have an opportunity to connect with Dr. Ruston, the filmmaker, in an online interactive discussion about how we help teens build crucial skills to navigate stress, anxiety, and depression in our digital age.

Register to view the film here.

Parent Guide English | Spanish


Teen wellness film series Presented by AUSD and PTA Council         




Download our series line up.

Families are encouraged to visit Common Sense Media’s Movie Reviews for Age Recommendations.

RSVP for screening information. Check site regularly for location updates.

First-come, first, serve.

LIKE  September 12, 2019
This documentary explores the impact of social media on our bodies, our brains, and our relationships.

FINDING KIND   October 10, 2019
"Finding Kind" is a documentary about the epidemic of girl on girl bullying and the role that kindness can play in helping to reduce it. 

THE MASK YOU LIVE IN   March 12, 2020
This compelling documentary follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow and destructive definition of masculinity. Flyer 
Special Guest Speake: Dr. Judy Y Chu, Stanford University
7:00 p.m. O'Club Alameda

You cannot be what you cannot see. Documentary exposes how mainstream media and culture contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America.

RSVP  Admission is FREE, $10 suggested donation to help us sustain our programming.

Parent University at Bay Farm Elementary

Fall Session: 
November 13, 2019 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Register here | Flyer

Spring Session: 
February 5, 2019 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Register here | Flyer

stack of books
Raising kids is the hardest job in the world! One day they are tiny and socializing in the play yard and the next day, they are navigating adolescence. Equip yourself with knowledge and know-how to have important and the sometimes difficult conversations with your child. Join one or more of our  programs. We are your village! -Claudia