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Special Education Strategic Plan Group

Strategic Planning Team Members


Jolene Barcinas

Lindsey DeHart
Andrea Doherty
Anne Krainer

Dede Lewis

Christina Strena

Sarah Taylor

Community Members

Laurie McLachlan
Kathryn Saulsgiver

Shelley Wrigley-Patterson

Special Education Teachers

Stephanie Cox
Jessica Downs
Bonnie Roberts

Julie Venuto

General Education Teachers

Mark Dieter

Jessica Lucio


Site Administrators

Kevin Baker

Kim Kelly
Jesse Woodward


Support Providers

Kelsey Ahern

Margaret Chinn
Beth Dillin

Stephanie Keegan-Hornesby
Katie Lloyd

Melodi Dewey
Ashley McDaid

Catherine Rodecker


District Administrators

Joanne Murphy

Kirsten Zazo


Several members of SPEDSPG in front of easel with a sheet of notes.
Large group shot of members of the Special Education Strategic Plan group
Introduction to the Strategic Plan and Team

On February 28, 2017 AUSD’s Chief Student Support Officer, Kirsten Zazo, gave a presentation to the Board of Education on the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT)’s report on the policies and practices of the district’s Special Education Department. She also reported on the state’s efforts to improve special education in public schools and highlighted findings from the state’s Blueprint for Great Schools Version 2.0 and the report from the State’s Special Education Task Force.  

The FCMAT report called for the formation of a Planning Team to develop a three to five year Special Education Strategic Plan supported by the Board of Education. Chief Officer Zazo, under the direction of the Superintendent, recommended the formation of a broad-based, collaborative team to develop that strategic plan. The team was to be comprised of parents, community members, general and special education teachers, specialists, classified staff, and administrators. News of the team and the availability of applications for it was promoted via a press release, social media, and on the district’s website.

On February 20, 2017, the team was formed. The first meeting of the team was held on March 30, 2017. The list of members on the Planning Team are listed on this page.

Meeting Materials and Summaries

In an effort to ensure a transparent strategic planning process and proactive communication, the content and resources used during each Planning Team session will be posted and archived on this page.  These documents will provide access to the content covered as part of each session.  

Each meeting will end with a discussion of the key summary points of the meeting. These key summary points will be posted in the form of meeting minutes.


The Strategic Plan is here.


Close up of woman during SPEDSPG meeting
Session Materials

Session 1: March 30, 2017

Session 2: April 27, 2017

Session 3: May 25, 2017

Session 4: August 31, 2017

Session 5: September 28, 2017

Session 6: October 26, 2017

Session 7: November 30, 2017

Session 8: January 25, 2018

Session 9: February 22, 2018

Session 10: March 15, 2018