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School Volunteer Approval Process

Volunteers Taking Students Outside the Presence of a Staff Member

Volunteers who will be asked to supervise students outside the presence of staff must be fingerprinted.  Please note that students must be directly supervised by a certificated employee during the instructional day.

To begin the volunteer approval process, please fill out the Volunteer Agreement Form (PDF) and return to the school site for Principal's Signature to Publish Changes.   The school site will collect a copy of your Identification and TB test if necessary (see below).  The school office will then provide the live scan form. 


All other volunteers (processed by the school site)

All other volunteers may be processed and approved at the school site by completing the Volunteer Agreement/Authorization Form (PDF).  This procedure must be followed every time a volunteer changes school sites. The Volunteer Agreement/Authorization form must be completed before volunteers begin their service.

School personnel uses the Department of Justice database website to check the volunteer’s status as a registered sex offender.  The only acceptable result is “Your search returned no results.”

The principal must authorize the volunteer.  Principals may not authorize persons to volunteer if they indicate that they have been convicted of a violent or serious felony or if they are registered sex offenders.  Persons who have been convicted of violent or serious felonies are not eligible to volunteer. 

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12/29/17 4:31 PM
11/7/18 8:48 AM
3/19/20 2:02 PM
10/30/19 4:52 PM
10/30/19 4:52 PM
2/24/22 10:37 AM
8/23/20 1:37 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
1/16/19 2:05 PM
12/16/19 12:31 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
3/16/22 11:05 AM
9/9/19 7:48 AM
9/6/18 12:35 PM
6/15/21 9:13 PM
9/20/19 1:13 PM
4/6/21 2:21 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
12/29/17 4:31 PM
Tuberculosis Screening

Volunteers who will who have frequent or prolonged contact with students:

If, in the judgment of the school principal, a person intends to volunteer on a regular basis for the entire school year  or they will have frequent and prolonged contact with students, the person must  provide the school site with a doctor’s certification that he/she was examined within the past 60 days and that he/she has tested negative for tuberculosis. 

A negative TB certification is valid for four years.  School personnel should attach the TB certification to the Volunteer Agreement/Authorization form.