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What Should Students Bring to School Each Day?




The California Department of Public Health’s July 12 K-12 Guidance  mandates that all staff and students wear masks indoors. In addition, the Alameda County Public Health Department’s August 2 health order mandates that all residents, whether vaccinated or not, need to wear masks indoors in public places. As such:


  • Your child will need to wear a mask at all times while they are indoors on campus. Masks should comply with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) masks recommendations (e.g., a paper surgical mask or cloth mask with at least two layers).

  • All masks should cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly on your child’s face. 

  • Staff will also wear masks.

Students who for medical reasons cannot wear cloth or paper masks are allowed to wear plastic face shields with a cloth drape attached and tucked into their shirt neck. AUSD has these plastic shields available for students who need them.


In the limited instances where parents are allowed on campus adults will be masked indoors and outdoors regardless of vaccination status until further notice.


Sunhat and sunscreen for times when students go outdoors during class. 


Layers of clothing, as classrooms may be cooler than usual because our ventilation systems will be circulating air more frequently.   


Our drinking fountains are open. If you're uncomfortable with your student using a fountain, however, we also have hydration stations set up at each school site, where students and staff can fill their water bottles.

teens with masks