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Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) is committed to providing teachers and students standards-aligned instructional materials to support effective teaching and learning.  Recent instructional materials adoptions include K-12 Mathematics curricula in Spring 2016 and K-5 English Language Arts and 6-12 World Languages (Spanish and French) in Spring 2017.  


Resources on Instructional Materials Adoptions can be found on the California Department of Education's (CDE) page.

Information about Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks can be found on AUSD's page.


Grade Span-specific information and resources is provided on separate pages.  These can be accessed below:

Teaching and Learning Contacts

Sara Stone
Chief Academic Officer

(510) 337-7092


Jennifer Medina
Staff Secretary
(510) 337-7076


Terri Elkin
Coordinator, Secondary Education


Shirley Clem, Ed.D.
Coordinator, Elementary Education


Carolyn Villa
Staff Secretary, Achievement & Assessment


Adelita Martinez 
Coordinator, ELD 
(510) 337-7117


Laura Lino
Testing Specialist, ELD
(510) 337-7157


Felicia Vargas
CTE Pathway Specialist
(510) 337-7091


Janice Carroll
TSA, Instructional Technology
(510) 337-7000 ext. 7927