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AUSD's Approach to COVID-19 Safety

AUSD’s priority for the 2021-22 is to have our students and teachers in-person, on-campus. At the same time, we continue to focus on reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission by implementing a number of mitigation strategies. Public health guidelines have changed slightly over the last six months, but in general those strategies - what we call  “layers of protection” - fall into three categories: personal behavior and equipment; facility improvements and protocols; and identifying and responding to positive cases.


COVID-19 Protective Strategies

Strategy 2020-21 2021-22
Masks Yes Yes
Physical distancing Yes

No longer required

as long as other

strategies are in place

Hand hygiene Yes Yes
Non-staff adults stay off campus Yes Yes
Improved air filtration Yes Yes
Improved ventilation Yes Yes
Cleaning & disinfecting Yes Yes
Promoting vaccinations for staff and students Yes Yes
Providing COVID-19 testing Yes Yes
Daily health screener Yes

No longer required


Students and staff with COVID-19 or symptoms isolate Yes Yes
Students and staff exposed to positive cases quarantine Yes Yes