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2021-22 Independent Studies

august 2 independent studies letter

August 2, 2021


Dear Alameda Unified School District Families,


Alameda Unified recognizes that some students cannot return to tfhe classroom due to medical necessity, and they need an Independent Study program that will meet their educational needs.


AUSD is offering an Independent Study program only for students in grades 6 through 12.  


Students enrolled in TK - 5th grades will be offered an Inter-District transfer to a neighboring district that is offering an Independent Studies (off-campus) option.   Families will be provided a list of districts accepting students, along with the program that district is offering (if available).  Please see the information below on how to pursue this option.


Ed Code 51745.5(c)  An individual with exceptional needs shall not participate in independent study, unless the pupil’s individualized education plan specifically provides for that participation


Elementary Independent Studies

Families of elementary students who would like an Independent Studies (off-campus) option will contact Jessica Stockwell in Student Services to apply for an Inter-District Transfer (

  • Students enrolling into another district on an Inter-District Transfer (IDT) will be dis-enrolled from AUSD.  Their spot in their home school will NOT be held.

  • If a student wishes to come back to Alameda Unified they MUST go through the enrollment process

  • If there isn’t space in the student’s grade level at their home school, they will be diverted as per Board Policy 5166.1 (AUSD Board Policies - Enrollment )

Pease click on this link and fill out the form if you are interested in an Inter-District transfer IDT).  


Districts that have indicated they are accepting Elementary Independent Study  IDTs are:

  • New Haven, Pleasanton, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Berkeley

  • Students will be accepted as long as the neighboring district has space availability

Components of Independent Studies Info for Secondary Students


Students in Grades 6-9:

  • Curriculum will be delivered solely through Edmentum and aligned with typical AUSD courses.  

    • 9th grade courses will be A-G aligned, honors courses are not offered.

  • Learning Coordinator  will:

    • Provide daily live interaction with students 

      • Mandatory Morning Meetings for daily live interactions

      • Synchronous instruction 

    • Manage student’s classes in Edmentum.   

    • Document student  participation, performance, engagement, adherence to Independent Studies contract signed by parent.

Students in Grades 10-12:

  • Core curriculum is primarily assigned by the Ind Study teacher and is aligned with AUSD course standards

  • Curriculum that requires traditional ‘on-campus’ instruction that is A-G approved (ex foreign languages, lab sciences, etc) will be delivered through Edmentum.

  • AP Courses will not be available.  Students who would like to pursue accelerated courses are encouraged to take concurrent courses at Peralta Colleges.  Information on that can be found by clicking here.

  • Weekly synchronous instruction.  Daily live interaction is NOT required.

    • Weekly synchronous instruction will be delivered to students during the weekly meeting with the Independent Study teacher and student.  

  • Independent Study teachers will document student  participation, performance, engagement, and adherence to the Independent Studies contract signed by parent/student.

Upon the request of the parent/guardian of a student, before making a decision about enrolling or disenrolling in Independent Study and entering into a written agreement to do so, the district shall conduct a telephone, videoconference, or in-person student-parent-educator conference or other meeting during which the student, parent/guardian, or their advocate may ask questions about the educational options, including which curriculum offerings and nonacademic supports will be available to the student in independent study.  (Education Code 51747).  Please fill out the interest form in the Secondary Independent Study 

If you are interested in Independent Study for your secondary student, please fill out the interest form by clicking here.  


By filling out the above form (per Ed Code 51747), you will be contacted and invited into an Independent Study orientation to learn more about the program, ask questions, and determine if this is an appropriate choice for your student.




Jodi McCarthy, Coordinator of Student Support Services


Phone:  510-337-7000 ext 77094