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District Financials


Here you can find the most up-to-date financial information for AUSD. AUSD employs close to 1,000 employees servicing almost 10,000 students. The District’s resources are comprised of Local, State, and Federal revenue.

2018-2019 Financials

Governor's Budget Proposal

May Revise

Available May 2019

Adopted BudgetSACS Report

AUSD Audit Report

Available Jan. 2020

First InterimSACS Report

Second InterimSACS Report

Unaudited Actuals, SACS Report

Available Sep. 2019

EPA Spending Plan

2017-2018 Financials

2016-2017 Financials

2015-2016 Financials

2014-2015 Financials

2013-2014 Financials

2012-2013 Financials

2011-2012 Financials

2010-2011 Financials

AUSD Revenue Measures

Parcel Taxes

Measure A (2011-2018)

Measure B1 (2018-2025)

Facility Bonds

Measure I

Local Control and Accountability Plans