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Jewish Education Round Table

Jewish American Heritage Month Proclamation

 At its public meeting on April 24, 2018 the AUSD Board of Education unanimously approved a proclamation recognizing May as Jewish American Heritage Month and encouraging all community members to acknowledge and honor Jewish Americans for their accomplishments and service. You can read the proclamation here.


Established in the fall of 2017, the Jewish Education Round Table is composed of AUSD parents, staff, teachers, and students, as well as community members. We welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions.  You can read about our members here and contact us here.

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May is Jewish American Heritage Month! Please look for the beautiful banners that AUSD and the City of Alameda jointly produced last year for our school sites in honor of this month. The banners feature Elie Wiesel, Alexandra Rose Raisman, Albert Einstein, Bella Abzug, Levi Strauss, Rashida Leah Jones, Steven Allan Spielberg, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 


You can learn more about these Jewish Americans here.

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The Jewish Education Round Table holds several events focused on Jewish history and culture each year. Prior events have included:


Holocaust Remembrance Day (April, 2018)  Held at Books, Inc. in downtown Alameda, this event featured a panel with students, holocaust survivors, and community members. In this video clip, Helen Fixler recalls the experience of living in a Jewish ghetto in Poland and then escaping into a nearby forest to avoid being sent to a concentration camp.


Jewish American Heritage Month (May, 2018) The Jewish Education Round Table and the City of Alameda jointly developed a Jewish American Heritage Month banner that hung in AUSD schools for the month of May. The banner features Elie Wiesel, Alexandra (“Aly”) Rose Raisman, Albert Einstein, Bella Abzug, Levi Strauss, Rashida Leah Jones, Steven Spielberg, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. You can read more about these famous Jewish Americans here.

That same month, the Jewish Education Round Table held a Jewish American Heritage Month celebration. Participants learned to make challah!

Our Mission

To educate students, staff, and the Alameda community about Jewish culture and the history of its people and to advise AUSD staff on Jewish and anti-Semitic related policies.

Our Goals

  • To diminish anti-Semitism and hate speech targeted at Jewish students, families, and staff through policy advice.
  • To be a consultative service for the community in response to anti semitic incidents.
  • To provide resources and guidance about Jewish culture and holiday observances.


Jewish Education Round Table: "

Guide to Jewish Holidays"

Jewish holidays often occur on school days rather than during official school district breaks. The Round Table has created a guide to Jewish holidays for staff and families. Please consult it before planning activities so that all students can be included.


Anti-Defamation League:


  • "Anti-Bias Resources"