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AUSD's Anti-Bias Work

Over the last several years, AUSD - like other districts in Alameda County, California, and the nation at large - has experienced an increase in reports of bias-related incidents. Those incidents have included racist and anti-Semitic graffiti, text messages, and symbols directed at students and families in our districts.


In response, AUSD has taken a number of steps to train staff in identifying and responding to bias, as well as provide resources to families and the community at large. That work includes:

Professional Development

  • The Anti-Defamation League provided AUSD teachers and administrators with foundational anti-bias training in 2017-18.   

  • Facing History will be providing training to AUSD staff in 2018-19.


  • Reviewing the AUSD Anti-Bullying Statement with an eye toward improving it

  • Reviewing existing Disciplinary Matrices

  • Continuing to implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to create healthier school climates in all of our schools

  • Continuing to train staff on restorative justice practices as part of that PBIS work

  • Planning refresher courses for all site administrators on how to respond to and report bullying incidents

  • Developing an online bias reporting tool and database for site administrators


  • Implementing a new K-5 English Language Arts that includes a strong social-emotional learning component

  • Reviewing materials from outside organizations (such as Teaching Tolerance, Anti-Defamation League, and Facing History) to use in establishing a stronger anti-bias framework

  • Exploring ways to align our History/Social Sciences curriculum with our anti-bias/anti-bullying work

  • Reviewing the literature used in conjunction with the anti-bullying lessons developed in 2010, updating it, and continuing to train staff in the anti-bullying curriculum

  • Providing teachers and administrators with lesson plans and resources on talking to students about bias

Community Engagement

In addition to the forum held with the Anti-Defamation League in May, 2017, AUSD is:

  • Providing tips on talking to students about hate and bias on its website

  • Holding a series of district-wide workshops to discuss recent incidents, district responses, and next steps with families

  • Developing ways to engage various stakeholders in providing input on next steps for the district and the community at large in anti-bias/anti-bullying work

  • Continuing to support our LGBTQ Round Table,  Latino Achievers Alliance (ALCANCE), and Jewish Education Round Table.

  • Adopting a Resolution Affirming Our AUSD Pledge to Protect All Students and providing it to schools to post in every classroom. 

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