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Power Shutdowns

In the fall of 2019, PG&E began implementing "Planned Safety Power Shutdowns" (PSPS) in California to reduce the risk of wildfire during periods of hot, dry, windy weather.  So far, Alameda has not been subject to a PSPS because the island has its own utility, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP). In the future, however, a PG&E power shutoff could result in a power outage in Alameda, as AMP uses PGE&E’s transmission lines.


Please be assured that we have plans and procedures in place to prepare for such an outage, and we have been in touch with AMP, the City of Alameda, and the Alameda County Office of Education about what would happen in those situations and how best we should respond.


To learn more about planned power shutdowns, please visit PG&E's FAQ.  Please be aware, however, that PG&E maps, when posted, cannot be used to track planned power shut-offs in Alameda, as we are not on the PG&E grid.


How to Stay Informed about Outages at AUSD Schools

In the event that schools need to be closed for a PSPS, we will:


  • Send out a robocall, text, and email to all students, families and staff at the affected schools the day or evening before the planned outage  
  • Post the list of closed schools on our homepage
  • Post information to our social media channels  
  • Twitter (@AUSDNews)
  • Facebook (Alameda Unified School District)
  • Disseminate information to school sites to share with families

While we have no control over these types of power outages, we want to emphasize that we are developing plans, we are in touch with our local and regional partners as to best practices, and are doing our very best to be prepared so that we can keep you informed and students and staff safe.

how to stay informed

We also recommend that families sign up to get emergency alerts from local and regional aurthories, including: