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Spring Sessions

During the engagement process during the spring of 2019, our facilitator, Ed Porter, meet with: 


  • Students
  • Parents 
  • Employee group leadership 
  • District leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion round table groups

The groups held small and large group discussion focused on:


  • core values and imperatives that should be affirmed in the Guiding Principles; 
  • current progress in meeting the academic, wellness, and special needs of all students: 
  • effectiveness of communications; 
  • and diversity, equity and inclusion improvement

As a result of those sessions, our preliminary findings were that:


  • Our guiding principals need to be more aspirational (currently too reactive)
  • Goals and action steps for quality instruction for all are not focused or prioritized enough. Program initiatives need to be better aligned and sequenced to prevent feeling of trying to do too much all at once.
  • Regarding Special Education, the District seems to be trying to give everyone everything they ask for rather than clearly defining what is most needed and how it can best be provided and sustained.
  • Students feel stressed with the volume of work and are the different standards from different people - want more consistency and uniformity
  • There is attention to diversity, inclusion, and social justice issues, but not enough understanding of and agreement on fundamental problems and root causes in school and community environment.
  • Better ways of tapping and responding to employee voice need to be developed. Feedback loops need to be strengthened so people know the status of things.