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Support for Online Learning

💻Accessing AUSD Technology @Home

Grades 6-12 are being issued individual Chromebooks to use at home and at school.  Elementary students will have 1:1 access to Chromebooks via Chromecarts in each classroom. Elementary students on quarantine may be issued a Chromebook by the site if appropriate for the grade level. Click on the image below and advance the slide deck for directions on logging in from home.

Quarantine Learning Opportunities

Secondary Student Protocols

Secondary students who have a confirmed positive Covid test will continue to have access to District technology, Google Classroom, and Aeries for asynchronous instruction while they quarantine for the required 10 days.


Elementary Student Protocols

  • Modified Quarantine will occur when there are fewer than 3 confirmed positive cases in a class within a span of 14 days. Sites and teachers will have options for providing learning access to both online and offline resources over the ten-day quarantine:
    • Students in grades 3-5 will be able to access content and assignments through online resources, such as Google Classroom and Clever, using a District Chromebook.  Each elementary site will determine the availability of Chromebooks and whether online access is appropriate.
    • TK-2 students will be sent home with a bag of supplies for offline assignments, or a neighbor/relative who is not infected or in isolation/quarantine may pick up the bag at school for a student.
    • Students in grades TK-2, may also access a portal called Q-School to use for easier access to content and assignments specifically designed for the 10-day quarantine.  
Click on the bus to access Q-School for TK-2 Students.
Picture linked to Q-School web site


  • Full Quarantine will occur when there are 3 or more confirmed positive cases in a class within a span of 14 days. At this point, the following actions will occur:
    • Discontinue "modified quarantine."
    • Move that class to short-term online learning for quarantine (typically 10 calendar days).
    • Schedule will look similar to last fall for the TEMPORARY quarantine period.  See schedules.
    • AUSD will notify impacted families if a second case is identified to prepare for a possible pause to in-person learning if a 3rd case is identified within 14 days.
Family Tech Support Hub

Whether in Distance, Hybrid or In-Person Learning, technology remains an integral part of students' education.  The tools remain the same for communications and accessing electronic curriculum. Teachers and EdTech trainers continue to update the family tech support website.  Check it out here: AUSD Family TECH Support Hub